programas (11-22)


Duración: 39 min.
Entrevistas: Llàtzer Moix (periodista), Stigmata (Radio Pica), Ragnampiza (crítico Ruta 66), Ramon Martínez (promotor), Antoni Marquez (comentarista musical).
Fragmentos de videoclips: Eyeless In Gaza "Welcome Now", The The "This Is The Day", John Foxx "My Wild Love", Julian Cope "The Greatness & Perfection", Howard Devoto "Rainy Season", John Cale "Chinese Envoy", Joy Division "Love Will Tear Us Apart", New Order "Age Of Consent", Echo & The Bunnymen "The Cutter", The Cure "Shake Dog Shake", Siouxsie & The Banshees "Christine", Cocteau Twins "Sugar Hicupp", The Stranglers "No Merci", Psychedelic Furs "Love My Way", The Chameleons "Here Today", Peter & The Test Tube Babies "September", Sisters Of Merci "Walk Away", Jesus & Mary Chain "You Trip Me Up", The Virgin Prunes "Sons Find Devils", Test Department "Compulsion", Carmel "More, More, More", Orange Juice "What Presence", Everything But The Girl "Each And Everyone", Working Week "Venceremos", Joe Jackson "Steppin Out", Sade "The Sweetest Taboo", Dexy’s Midnight Runners "Come On Eileen", Simple Minds "The American", U2 "The Unforgettable Fire", Big Country "Just A Shadow", Spear Of Destiny "The Wheel", The Alarm "68 Guns", Madness "One Better Day", King Kurt "Destination Zululand", Tracey Ullman "They Don’t Know", Thomas Dolby "Hiperactive", The Pogues "A Pair Of Brown Eyes", XTC "All You Pretty Girls", The Three Johns "He’s A Brain Box", Monochrome Set "Jet Set Junta", Billy Bragg "New England".
Agradecimientos: Konic Audiovisuals.

» En "La Vanguardia" por V.M.A. (PDF)


Duración: 41 min.
Entrevistas: Ramon Surio (periodista), David S. Mordoh (crítico musical), Leo Marino (músico), Marcos Ordóñez (crítico), Vidi (músico).
Fragmentos de videoclip: Culture Club "It’s A Miracle", Frankie Goes To Holywood "Relax", ABC "Poison Arrow", Mary Wilson "Beware Boyfriend", Malcom Mclaren "Buffalo Gals", Dead Or Alive "That’s The Way", Alien Sex Fiend "Attack", The Creatures "Right Now", Lords Of The New Church "Live For Today", Flesh For Lulu "Subterraneans", Killing Joke "Kings & Queens", The Meteors "Insane", Antinowhere League "Streets Of London", The Cult "Revolution", The Special Aka "Free Nelson Mandela", The Redskins "Burn It Up", The Clash "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?", The Fall "Kicker Conspiracy", Vice Squad "Stand Strong, Stand Proud" , Elvis Costello "Let’em All Talk", Style Council "Walls Come Tumbling Down", Bronski Beat "Small Town Boy", Heaven 17 "Penthouse & Pavement", Robert Wyatt "Shipbuilding", OMD "Enola Gay", Human League "Love Action", Soft Cell "Tainted Love", Depeche Mode "Leave In Silence", Art Of Noise "Close To The Edit", Cabaret Voltaire "Sensoria", Associates "Waiting For The Love Boat", David Sylvain "Red Guitar", Pale Fountains "Jean’s No Happening", Marine Girls "The Place Of The Sun", Durutti Column "Prayer", China Crisis "Hanna, Hanna", Felt "Roman Litter", Aztec Camera "All I Need Is Everything", Penguin Cafe Orchestra "Music For A Found Harmonium", Blue Nile "Tinseltown In The Rain", Scritti Politti "Word Girl", The Pretenders "Back On The Chain Gang", Lloyd Cole & The Commotions "Perfect Skin", Bluebells "Cath", The Smiths "Rusholme Ruffians", The Lotus Eaters "You Fill Me With Eat", Prefab Sprout "Apettite", Microdisney "Birthday Girl".
Arsenal reserva: Pet Shop Boys "West End Girls".
Agradecimientos: Konic Audiovisuals, Video Instan.


Duración: 59 min.
Entrevista: Nico.
Extractos de las películas de Philippe Garrel: "La Cicatrice Intérieure" (1971), "Un Ange Passe" (1975), "Le Berceau de Cristal" (1976).
Fragmentos musicales interpretados por Nico: "Janitor of Lunacy", "My Only Child", "Frozen Warnings", "It Was a Pleasure Then", "All That Is My Own", "No One Is There", "You Forgot To Answer", "Ari’s Song".
Temas interpretados por Nico para "Arsenal": "Win A Few" , "Purple Lips", "Das Lied Von Einsanen Madchens", "Fearfully In Danger", "Tananore", "My Heart Is Empty", "My Funny Valentine", "The End".
Fragmentos de videoclips de The Velvet Underground & Nico: "I’ll Be Your Mirror".
Spots interpretados por Nico: "Terry" (Leopoldo Pomés).
Agradecimientos: Konic Audiovisuals, Estudi Pomes y Leopoldo Pomes por las fotos de Nico.


Duración: 45 min.
Entrevista: Tom Waits.
Extractos de las películas: "Taxi Driver" (Martín Scorsese, 1976), "La Cocina Del Infierno" (Silvester Stallone, 1978), "Prenom Carmen" (Jean-Luc Godard, 1986), The Making Of "One From The Heart", "One From The Heart" (Francis Ford Coppola, 1982), "Ruble Fish" (Francis Ford Coppola, 1983), "Rebeldes" (Francis Ford Coppola, 1983), "Cotton Club" (Francis Ford Coppola, 1984), "Toro Salvaje" (Martin Scorsese, 1980).
Temas de Tom Waits: "Annie Is Back In Town", "Invitation To The Blues", "Tom Taubert’s Blues", "Pasties And A C. String", "Ruby’s Arms", "Mr. Henry", "Moment & Program To Tango", "In The Neighborhood", "Whistling Past The Craveyard", "$29", "The One That Got Away", "Downtwon Train", "On The Nickel", "Jersey Girl", "Empty Pockets", "Swordfishtrombones".
Agradecimientos: CB Films, Izaro Films, Video Instan.

» En "Punt Diari" por Àngel Quintana (PDF)


Pequeña muestra de los telefilmes de serie B norteamericanos de los años 40 y 50, que en algunos casos rozan el más puro estilo Ed Wood. Le encargamos a Quim Monzó una adaptación libre de los diálogos consiguiendo un efecto definitivamente surrealista. La idea la sacamos de un disparatado ejercicio que Woody Allen hizo en 1966 llamado "What’s Up, Tiger Lily?" en el que cambió los diálogos de una película de espías japonesa.

Duración: 39 min.
Episodios: Els Mossos Libidinosos, Objectiu 92, Gràcies Per No Fumar, El Dia Del Llagostí.
Arsenal reserva: La Fura dels Baus "Suz O Suz".

» En "La Vanguardia" por Eva Mintenig (PDF)
» En "La Vanguardia" por J.M.Baget Herms (PDF)
» En "El Periódico de Catalunya" (PDF)


Duración: 50 min.
Con bailes de: Lola Puentes / Montse Colomer (coreógrafa / bailarina), Javier Font (diseñador de calzado), Manuel Arjona (diseñador de calzado), Mariona Roselló (actriz).
Fragmentos de videoclips: Kim Carnes "Invitation To Dance", The Kinks "Do It Again", The Honey Drippers "Rockin’ At Midnight", H. Blackman / P. Macnee "Kinky Boots", Talking Heads "Girlfriend Is Better", Lou Reed "I Love You Suzanne", Betty Boop "Max Fleischer", La Cosa Nostra, Propaganda "P-Machinery", Partana’s Family, Wilson Pickett "The Land Of 1000 Dances".
Extractos de las películas: "El Profesor Chiflado" (Jerry Lewis, 1962), "La Puerta Del Cielo" (Michael Cimino, 1980), "El Contrato Del Dibujante" (Peter Greenaway, 1982), "Tiempos Modernos" (Charles Chaplin, 1936), "Lambeth Walk Nazi Style" (1942), "Una Noche En La ópera" (Sam Wood, 1935), "Eraserhead" (David Lynch, 1976), "The Cameraman" (Edward Sedwick, 1928), "That’s Dancing" (Robert Haley jr., 1985), "Cotton Club" (Francis Ford Coppola, 1984), "Badlands" (Terrence Malick, 1973), "2001: Una Odisea Del Espacio" (Stanley Kubrick, 1968).
Agradecimientos: Cooper Films, Video Instan, Video Club Vergara, Club Otto Zutz.


Duración: 44 min.
Entrevistas: Jeffrey-Lee Pearce (cantante), Chris Cacavas (teclista de Green On Red), Chris Isaak (cantante).
Fragmentos de videoclips: Hank Williams "Long Gone Lonesome Blues", Creedence Clearwater Revival "Proud Mary", John Fogerty "Old Man Down The Road", The Byrds "Mr. Spaceman", The Doors "Moonlight Drive", Hank Williams "My Bucket’s Got A Hole On It", The Long Ryders "Looking For Lewis & Clark", Green On Red "That’s What Dreams (Were Made For)", The Rain Parade "No Easy Way Down", REM "Can’t Get There From Here", Green On Red "Not Free Lunch", Bruce Springsteen "The Promised Land".
Extractos de las películas: "Duelo En Alta Sierra" (Sam Peckimpah, 1962), "Fort Apache" (John Ford, 1948), "El Zurdo" (Arthur Penn, 1958), "Buffalo Bill" (Cecil B. De Mille, 1937), "Incidente En Ox-Bown" (William A. Wellman, 1949), "Buffalo Bill" (William A. Wellman, 1944), "Johnny Guitar" (Nicholas Ray, 1953), "Grupo Salvaje" (Sam Peckimpah, 1969), "Forajidos de Leyenda" (Walter Hill, 1980).
Arsenal reserva: Del Fuegos "I Still Want You".
Agradecimientos: Konic Audiovisuals, Video Instan, Warner Española, Germinal Films.


Duración: 38 min.
Entrevistas: Brian Ritchie (Violent Femmes), Victor de Lorenzo (Violent Femmes), Gordon Gano (Violent Femmes), Jeffrey-Lee Pearce (cantante).
Fragmentos de videoclips: Ricky Nelson "Hello Mary Lou", Dream Sindycate "Tell Me When It’s Over", John Cougar "Crumbling Down", The Leroi Brothers "The Back Door", Lone Justice "Sweet Sweet Baby", X "Wild Thing", Violent Femmes "Gone Daddy Gone", Violent Femmes "Country Death Song", Violent Femmes "Children Of The Revolution", Jeffrey-Lee Pearce "Texas Serenade", Jason & The Scorchers "Pray For Me Mama".
Extractos de las películas: "La Balada de Cable Hogue" (Sam Peckimpah, 1970), "Midnight Cowboy" (John Schlesinger, 1974), "Pat Garrett & Billy The Kid" (Sam Peckimpah, 1973), "The Misfits" (John Huston, 1961), "Gigante" (George Stevens, 1956), "Forajidos de Leyenda" (Walter Hill, 1980), "Silverado" (Lawrence Kasdan, 1985), "Lust In The Bust" (Paul Bartel, 1985), "Deliverance" (John Boorman, 1972), "El Amigo Americano" (Win Wenders, 1977), "Tender Mercies" (Bruce Beresford, 1983), "Grupo Salvaje" (Sam Peckimpah, 1969).
Arsenal reserva: Sigue Sigue Sputnick "Love Missile FI-II".
Agradecimientos: Video Instan, Warner Española, Video Club Vergara, Konic Audiovisuals.


Duración: 50 min.
Entrevista: Martin Hannet (productor New Order).
Temas de Joy Division: "Shadow Play", "She’s Lost Control", "Digital", "Trans-Mission", "Dead Souls", "Decades", "Colony", "They Walked In Line", "Love Will Tear Us A Part".
Temas de New Order: "Blue Monday", "Temptation", "Age Of Consent", "Lonely Tonight", "Perfect Kiss".


Emisión de la película "It’s All True" en V.O.S. (catalán). Escrita y dirigida por Julien Temple. Producida por Alan Yentob. Interpretada por Orson Welles, Michael Hordens, Dandy Nichols y Steven Berkoff.

Duración: 54 min.


Duración: 58 min.
Entrevistas: Nelly Schnnaith (filósofa), Carles Prats (escritor), Ignacio Molina (escritor).
Fragmentos de videoclips: The Beatles "She Loves You", The Bootleg Beatles "She Loves You", Michael Jackson "Beat It", Weird Al Yankovic "Eat It", The Bootleg Beatles "Taxman", The Beatles "Help", The Bootleg Beatles "Help", Tina Turner "Help", The Bootleg Beatles "Back In The USSR", James Brown "Sex Machine", The Flying Lizards "Sex Machine", Nick Cave "Knocking On Heaven’s Door", The Velvet Underground "Pale Blue Eyes", Edwin Collins "Pale Blue Eyes", The Rolling Stones "Satisfaction", Ottis Redding "Satisfaction", Devo "Satisfaction", Madonna "Like A Virgin", The Three Johns "Like A Virgin", Robert Wyatt "Strangers In The Night".
Extractos de las películas: "Prenom: Carmen" (Jean-Luc Godard, 1984), "Carmen" (Francesco Rosi), "Carmen" (Carlos Saura), "Aterriza Como Puedas" (Jim Abrahams, 1980), "Popeye" (Robert Altman), "La Mujer Pantera" (Jacques Tourneur, 1942), "El Beso de la Pantera" (Paul Schrader, 1981), "El Hombre Del Brazo De Oro" (Otto Preminger), "My Way" (Sid Vicious), "Drácula" (John Badham, 1979), "Las Cicatrices De Drácula" (Roy Ward Baker, 1970), "El Evangelio Según Mateo" (Pier Paolo Pasolini), "Rey De Reyes" (Nicholas Ray), "La Vida De Brian" (Terry Jones, 1979).
Agradecimientos: Video Instan, Video Club Vergara, Konic Audiovisuals.


Duración: 1 h.
Extractos de las películas: "Blade Runner" (Ridley Scott, 1982), "Ghost Busters" (Ivan Reitman, 1984), "Opéra Boeuf" (Bernard Lemoine, 196-), "Laberinto de Pasiones" (Pedro Almodóvar, 1982).
Spots: Men Cigarrettes, Wright’s Coaltar Soap, Tio Pepe, Stiksy, Newcastle Brown Ale, Texaco, Pot-au-boeuf Maggi, Clap, Lait Lactel, Les collants Dim présentent Slip, Suelas de Crepé Natural, Pilas National, Camel, Ali, Ganola Bars NewTrail, VG, Langnese, Cornetto de Langnese, High Fidelity, Cosifits, 4 Wagon Wheels, Agua de Fontenova, The Scotsman, Zumo Vida, Punch, Ben Truman, Clerasil, Chevrolet, Sandéfo, René Bartan, Gandukov, Lou, Soberano, Samsonite, Pontines, Bero, Danone, Fromage Kraft, Rasoir Bonne, Iberia, British Airways, Cadonet, Check Up Clorite Toothpaste, Cordoba, Pepsi, Smoking, Aspro, Sony.
Arsenal reserva: "Le Menteur" (Jean Cocteau) recitado por Javier Grandes.
Agradecimientos: Miquel Costas i Miquel, Video Instan, Movierecord, Konic Audiovisuals.

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